Our Programs


Our ‘UPLIFT’ performance program is for those wanting to build strength. ‘UPLIFT’ is a progressive and structured approach to strength training, focusing on key fundamental lifts; deadlift, squat and bench, with an emphasis on structural balance. This program is designed to have you progressing week to week.

The Engine

Our ‘ENGINE’ performance program is designed for those wanting to improve their gas tank! These sessions will have you reach 70%+ of your maximum heart rate, combining key functional movements designed for improved performance.
Our ‘ENGINE’ sessions, will be sure to have you operating at a fitter, faster level – building the everyday athlete.


Break free of your standard gym routine and try out your Strongman/woman potential.
A full body workout like no other, strongman/woman training is all about functional strength.
This style of training is a great way to build all over power and strength like you’ve never felt before. This style of training uses movement patterns, we have – but often neglect.
Ditch the standard weights and train use a number of fun objects


Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?